Caroline Mary

Spends her time between France and Indonesia. The countries she has visited, her experiences there and local crafts have all inspired her work with clients. She is passionate about her work.

Tell us about yourself …

I have been working as an interior designer for about 15 years. I had a décor shop called “Les Jolies Choses” in Annecy.
Alongside my styling work and my close work with OVO Network (, for whom I supervise the photography of high-end properties in the Alps, I work on independent redesign and décor projects. These are mainly in France, but also in Australia, New Zealand and Bali.

A very international career – how did that come about?

Actually, I have always travelled a lot. My three children have dual French and New Zealand nationality, they live on several continents – and so do I! Travel is in my DNA. It’s a source of inspiration and a precious asset for my work, a real window on the world. I continually come across trends, fashions and colours. I immerse myself in different cultures and unique ways of life, which then inspire my work.

What does your work involve?

I work with my clients on their redesign, renovation, décor and styling projects. I bring out the potential of each property. As explained in the SERVICES section , it could be just advice on décor, for those wishing to improve or update their interior spaces without involving major work, or it could be complete redesigns: the total renovation of a property for example, where I coordinate the work and the use of artisans.

How does a project unfold? What are the different stages?

Everything starts with a site visit to establish the aims of the project. It might involve the modernisation of a main residence; the transformation of a second home for the rental market; a total renovation or just a simple restyle. This first meeting allows me to get to know the owners, to ask them about their tastes or their intentions, and to get a feeling for the place. Interesting ideas are usually born at this first meeting.

And then?

The owners receive a report of the first visit. I explain to them how I envisage working on their project, and the likely charges for my work. If they accept my quotation, we get together to plan the stages of the work according to their needs and their schedule, the schedule of craftsmen if necessary, and the time needed to order goods and have them delivered.

How much do your services cost?

It all depends on the size of the project and the extent of my tasks (see my services page). One person who might simply want some personalised advice on décor might pay less then 200€, for example, for a half-day of coaching. However, an owner who entrusts me with their entire redesign project, including the choice and purchase of furniture and accessories, as well as the coordination and management of works, will naturally pay more.
With regard to holiday properties, where I do a lot of my work, I can guarantee that the investment is essential to the success of the property. In every case, a contract including a deposit is signed before work can begin.

Why should owners call on you?

For my experience, particularly in the holiday rental market, my understanding and my involvement. My aim is to meet all the expectations of each client: I listen to them a lot, I am always aware of their tastes, throughout the project. I propose, but never impose. I make myself available and take time to keep in touch and be reactive. I am careful, therefore, to maintain professional relationships which are demanding, but relaxed.